Our business.

Citizen Investor is a crowdfunding platform built around collaboration and creators.  Our platform covers a variety of sectors, across Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Business Services, and Technology. Those seeking capital and looking to invest with investors in their peer group have control, utilizing our technology.

Although we follow strict regulatory guidelines, we are all about investors as individuals. We always aim to empower creators and consumers, equally  — big and small. To provide transparency and creativity. And to support our energetic community.


Our Mission.

We founded Citizen Investor to make investing fun. We aim to provide technology solutions that democratizes an investors' ability to access products that were historically available only to institutions. We feel that creative investing alongside similar collaborators has the power to disrupt traditional forms of investing. 

Challenging traditional investing ideas, and being considered radical are themes we are very comfortable with. We strongly believe and support creative investing as a means to fight inequality. We hope our mission inspires you.


Our Team.

We are a founder controlled company, with years of capital markets and consulting experience. Based out of New York City, we are a combination of developers, UX practitioners, suffragettes, artists, gamers, and backgammon enthusiasts.


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